Earn Discounts While You Shop

Find out about the pet rewards program at our store in Wichita Falls, TX

You shouldn't shop somewhere that doesn't appreciate your business. You'll never feel that way at Wichita Falls Pet Supply. To show our appreciation, we have a loyalty program for pet owners. You can use our pet rewards program to earn points for every purchase at our store in Wichita Falls, TX.

You can earn points by buying:

  • Pet food
  • Pet toys
  • Pet care supplies
When you reach a point milestone, you can redeem all of your points for free bags. You can also keep saving points in the pet rewards program for special prizes. Call 940-687-2503 right away to get the details on our rewards.

Stay on top of rewards and deals

Stay on top of rewards and deals

Want to stay up to date on what we're offering? If you join the loyalty program for pet owners when you visit Wichita Falls Pet Supply, you can sign up for emails about the program. You'll never miss a sale or other news from our shop. Ask us about the program in person today when you stop by.